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On a global scale, the sustainability challenges of food production are both significant and intensifying. The world will need to increase its food production by 70% in order to meet future demand while simultaneously reducing the environmental impacts by half. AJOONI created its Sustainability Vision 2030, to guide our sustainability initiatives in the next decade reflect to influence the value chain and We keep the wheel of sustainability turning by our continued Commitment to Feeding the Future Through our focus on sustainable innovation we aspire to be part of the solution. As an animal nutrition and aqua feed company , we are ideally positioned to contribute towards the development of more sustainable feed production.

Our sustainability programme, is designed to live up to our responsibilities and ambitions and is made up of three distinct components:


Our Roadmap sets clear ambitions regarding Product, Quality, Stakeholders, Enviornment and profit. It is a roadmap designed to align our actions and initiatives over a period of several years, as we work to fulfil our missionand helping farmers to double their income as per the vision of Govt of India.


Our Standard is an internal tool that outlines the actions needed to realise our Roadmap. It enables us to measure and score progress. After all, it´s not just what we aspire to do, it´s what we do.

Product Assessment

The Product Assessment is a tool that helps us to measure the environmental impacts and attributes of our nutritional solutions. It uses Life Cycle Assessment methodology to systematically evaluate the environmental aspects of using our products and services.

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