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Expansion of Domestic Market

We intend to expand our geographical reach and enter the large domestic market for growth opportunities of our business. We plan to deepen our presence in the existing market and expand our reach and penetrate into the large available market by giving scale down low price solution and grab major market share.

Improving operational efficiencies

Our Company intends to improve efficiencies to achieve cost reductions so that they can be competitive. We believe that this can be done through domestic presence and economies of scale. Increasing our penetration in existing regions with new range of products, will enable us to penetrate into new catchment areas within these regions and optimize our infrastructure. As a result of these measures, our company will be able to increase its market share and profitability.

Promotion of our brand recognition

We propose to increase the brand recognition through various brand building efforts, communication and various promotional initiatives. Such promotion would enhance the visibility of our brand and also enhance our business positioning and credibility.

Leveraging our Market skills and Relationships

This is a continuous process in our organization and the skills that we impart in our people give importance to customers. We aim to enhance the growth by leveraging our relationships and further enhancing customer satisfaction. We plan to increase our customers by meeting orders in hand on time, maintaining our customer relationship and renewing our relationship with existing buyers.

Pursue strategic acquisitions

In order to expand, we seek to identify acquisition targets and/or joint venture partners whose resources, capabilities, technologies and strategies are complementary to and are enabling us to establish our presence in new geographical locations.

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