We face the competition in our business from other existing traders and manufacturers of same products. We compete with our competitors on a regional or product line basis. Many of our competitors have substantially large capital base and resources than we do and offer broader range products. We believe that the principal factors affecting competition in our business include client relationships, reputation, the abilities of employees, market focus and the relative quality and price of the services and products.

Our industry is highly competitive while being unorganized and fragmented. This market is not governed directly by any regulations or any governmental authority. The players in the informal education market are mostly small and unrecognized. We face competition from both organized and unorganized players in the market and more specifically from different players for different sections to which we offer our Products. Our competition varies for our products and regions.

Export Possibilities & Export Obligation

Our business is entirely focused on domestic markets. Currently, we do not have any outstanding export obligations.



  • Cordial relations with Customers;
  • In depth knowledge of Industry – Commercial & Technical;
  • Established manufacturing facility;
  • Experienced management team


  • Dependent upon growth in food industry;
  • Insufficient market reach;
  • Surge in finance needs to cope up with the increased demand;
  • Heavy dependence on suppliers for right quality of raw materials.


  • Growing acceptance by consumers;
  • Opportunities in the Asian market;
  • Rise in the demand for Spices worldwide;
  • Listing the company under a stock exchange will open up huge avenues of capital for the company to support its expansion plans and allows it to venture into new businesses.


  • Industry is prone to changes in government policies, any material changes in the duty or may adversely impact our financials;
  • Fluctuations in raw material prices;
  • There are no entry barriers in our industry which puts us to the threat of competition from new entrants;
  • Intense competitive pressure;
  • Rising labor wages.