About Us

Business Strengths

Our key unique business strengths are:

  1. Experienced Promoters and a well trained employee base – Our promoters are experienced in our line of business. Our management and employee team combines expertise and experience to outline plans for the future development of the company. Our Company started its operations in the year 2013-14 and since then we have witnessed consistent and stable growth. Our Promoters have significant industry experience and has been instrumental in the consistent growth of our company. We believe that the knowledge and experience of our promoter and management will enables us to identify new opportunities, rapidly respond to market conditions, adapt to changes in the business landscape and competitive environment and enhances the growth in the business.
  2. Established relations with job work service providers and suppliers –Our Company is engaged in the business of manufacturing of cattle feeds and feed suppliements. Our company has developed established relations with the job workers for providing uninterrupted services. We believe that by establishing such relations our company can ensure a steady and uninterrupted supply of our products to our customers. We believe that our strong relationships with suppliers will enable us to continue to grow our business. Due to our relationships with our suppliers, we get quality and timely supplies of materials. This enables us to manage our inventories and supply quality products on timely basis to our customers. This in turn has enabled us to generate repeat business.
  3. Strong financial position - We believe that our strong financial position and capital structure will provide us with the financial flexibility to fund our growth and expansion and allow us to respond quickly and competitively to further capitalise on emerging opportunities in the market.
  4. Improving functional efficiency – Our Company intends to improve operating efficiency to achieve cost reductions to have a competitive edge over the peers. We believe that this can be done through continuous process improvement, customer services and technology development.
  5. Developing the new product line:  we focus on research and development to disguinsh ourselves from our competitors to enable us to introduce new products based on consumer preferences and demand. Our Company has wide product basket and strive to and new products that are required or essential or which are trending in the market or those products which are manufactured by our competitors or those that may be recommended by our research and development team.